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Throop Beat 3

Coarse Fishing All Year Round
Guest Tickets Available
Parking (Designated Parking Only)
Club Key Needed
Night Fishing
Disabled Parking Facilities

Fishing Times

Sunrise - 2hrs after Sunset. If time of beat 2 is later then use that time.

Fishing Times Wth Night Permit

Fishing Times With Night Permit 24 Hour Fishing on this Beat (For Members ONLY)

Close Season Start/Finish

Coarse Fishing Season Start: 16-06
Coarse Fishing Season Finish: 14-03

Number of Rods

Maximum of 2 Rods

Location & Parking

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Blackwater Bridge to bottom boundary.

Species: barbel, chub, dace, roach, bream, perch, eels and pike.

Coarse Fishing:  16 June - 14 March.

Trout & Salmon: In season with Game Fishing Ticket.

Fishing times: Sunrise - 2hrs after Sunset. If time of beat 2 is later then use that time. 

Club key required.

Please note:
Limited parking is available at the Golf Course, during daylight hours only.
Please park behind sheds, where indicated.
Strictly adhere to the permitted parking areas.

No bivvies.

Anglers may stay no longer than 24hrs in the same swim.

No access during closed season without a game permit.

Special Notes:


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