The Quay & Christchurch Harbour

Coarse Fishing All Year Round
Guest Tickets Available
Parking (Designated Parking Only)
Club Key Needed
Night Fishing
Disabled Parking Facilities

Fishing Times

Fishing Times: 7am - 2 Hours after Sunset

Close Season Start/Finish

Coarse Fishing Season Start: 16-06
Coarse Fishing Season Finish: 14-03

Number of Rods

Maximum of 2 Rods

Location & Parking

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From Tuckton Bridge down to and including Clay Pool and the Estuary.

This venue is nationally recognised as one of the best Mullet venues in the country!

It is also a superb course fishery, Sea Trout fishery and general sport fishery for Bass.

Bank access is unlimited except around Stanpit Marsh where restrictions apply to numbers and areas fishable (please check and adhere to rules in this area as it is a sensitive conservation area).

Around the boats along the Quay and out towards the estuary there are huge numbers of Dace, Roach and Bream along with a good number of Carp. In the summer months Mullet and Bass are in abundance throughout this area.

The club also offers boat fishing for anglers with their own boats. Two permits are available per day, collectable from Davis Tackle. Strictly no boat fishing without first obtaining a boat permit.

All fish to be returned: Coarse, Game and Sea species.

This is a catch and release venue to protect fish stocks whilst an anti-poaching regime is established.

Top Tip:

Float fishing with maggot can offer excellent Roach and dace sport along the quay throughout the year. Mullet fishing with bread after June 16th can be very productive but be sure to use adequate tackle as they are very herd fighters.

Special Notes:

No bivvies.

Strictly adhere to the permitted parking areas.

Trout and Salmon in season.

Anglers may stay no longer than 24 hrs in the same swim.

ALWAYS use adequate and well balanced tackle when targeting or expecting specimen fish.

RDAA recommend no less than 8lb line with a suitably strong hook.

Electricity pylons cross this water, please take caution.

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