Royalty North

Coarse Fishing All Year Round
Guest Tickets Available
Parking (Designated Parking Only)
Club Key Needed
Night Fishing
Disabled Parking Facilities

Fishing Times

7:30am - Time Shown At Fishery

Close Season Start/Finish

Coarse Fishing Season Start: 16-06
Coarse Fishing Season Finish: 14-03

Number of Rods

Maximum of 2 Rods

Location & Parking

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Hampshire Avon Approximately 2 miles

Coarse Fishing

A maximum of 20 RDAA members per day on all of the fishery. Tickets must be obtained before entering the fishery from Davis Tackle. If all tickets have been allocated you may, if you wish, purchase a day ticket.

Fishing June 16th to March 14th inclusive.

7.30am until time shown at fishery.

No lob worms.

No fishing from bridges.

No unwanted bait to be put into the river.

All game fish must be returned to the water immediately.

A return must be filled in for all game fish caught to the fishery manager or Davis Tackle.

No weighing or photographing of salmon.

No barbel or carp to be retained in keepnets.

Unhooking mats must be used for barbel, carp and pike.

No pike fishing or livebaiting before 31st October.

No livebaits to be brought onto the fishery.

No wobbled pike baits after 31st January.

Spinning is restricted to pike anglers between 1st October and 31st January.

Pike anglers must be in possession of forceps at least 10’’ long and a landing net of at least 36’’ if triangular or 30’’ if round.

Pike hooks must be semi-barbless and wire traces of at least 18’’ must be used at all times.

Minumum line strength for pike is 20lb mono or 50lb braid.

All pike must be returned to the water without delay.

Night fishing allowed above top weir for rules see Royalty night fishing.

Dogs on leads allowed.

Section A
Top Weir
From 1st November to 31st January if not pre-booked members may fish free of charge.
Outside this period members may fish at half the normal day ticket price.
Ticket and key required from Davis Tackle.

Section B
Parlour Pool
Fishing times: 7.30am until midnight.
If not pre-booked members may fish this at half the normal day ticket cost.

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