Coarse Fishing All Year Round
Guest Tickets Available
Parking (Designated Parking Only)
Club Key Needed
Night Fishing
Disabled Parking Facilities

Fishing Times

Fishing Times: Daylight - 2 Hours after Sunset

Close Season Start/Finish

Coarse Fishing Season Start: 16-06
Coarse Fishing Season Finish: 14-03

Number of Rods

Maximum of 2 Rods

Location & Parking

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Approximately 1.25 miles of river offering good sport throughout the season.

Huge Barbel, Chub and Roach are regularly caught from this stretch which connects to the top boundary of Bounds Farm. In the Summer months Barbel and Chub can be spotted on the shallower gravel runs by the observant angler.


Top Tip:

Float fishing with hemp and tares can offer excellent Roach sport throughout the Summer and Autumn. Bread flake is still a good Chub bait and so often overlooked. Particles, maggots and Casters are worthy baits for Barbel and Chub.

Don't rule out artificial baits if small fish keep stripping the hook.

Special Notes:

Night Fishing: With permit, see membership book for details.

Parking in Church Farm up till 10pm or in Church Lane if you intend to stay later.

Access past Church or through farm.

Arrive and leave slowly and quietly.

There is no entrance from New Road Bridge.

Shut all gates.

Trout and Salmon in season.

Bottom boundary adjoins top of Bounds Farm.

ALWAYS use adequate and well balanced tackle when targeting or expecting Barbel.

RDAA recommend no less than 6lb line with a suitably strong hook