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Northfield White Lake

Coarse Fishing All Year Round
Guest Tickets Available
Parking (Designated Parking Only)
Club Key Needed
Night Fishing
Disabled Parking Facilities

Fishing Times

Sunrise - 2hrs after Sunset.

Fishing Times Wth Night Permit

Available with Permit.

Close Season Start/Finish

All year

Number of Rods

Maximum of 3 Rods

Location & Parking

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Approximately 25 acres and depths of up to 14 feet.

This lake is spring fed and is generally clear. It is predominantly a specialist fishery but can offer good sport to the pleasure angler with bags of Roach and Rudd.

Quality Carp (over 35lb), Catfish (over 60lb), Tench (over 8lb), Bream (over 13lb) along with Roach and Rudd to over 2lb.

Top Tip:

Method feeder for bags of Tench and Bream, expect to hit Carp so don't fish too light!

Special Notes:

No Guest Tickets on this venue (members only)

No closed season.

No pre-baiting.

Unhooking mats MUST be used at this venue.

Maximum of 5 nights consecutive fishing is permitted.

After 5 nights of fishing, members must completely vacate the venue for a minimum of 48 hours.

Please refrain from unnecessary noise.

Toilets are available at this venue.

No parking on the track to the car park at Graveyard Point.

Bite alarms are allowed but must not be audible outside the lake complex.

Night fishing is not permitted on the spit.

Note match bookings.


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