Updates on Some of our Venues

17-07-2016, 15:12

Hightown, Northfield Complex, Rockford, North End Farm & Cranbourne Updates


Three new platforms have been erected and are now ready for use.

All of the lake has now been mowed and looking tidy.

Northfield complex

All the venue has now been mowed and is also now tidy.


This venue has now also been mowed and tidy.. consider the size of this venue to appreciated how much hard work has gone into completing this work. Fantastic effort.

North End farm

This venue has now also been mowed and tidy

Carp match tickets are now being sold


This venue now has a boat at the lake which can be used to work from. Thanks to the bailiffs Geoff and Dave for fixing the boat in readiness.

Other news post

15-08-2016, 14:01

Throop, Lower Stour Reports

11-08-2017, 14:43

Steve Butler Memorial Carp Match 2017