RDAA Match Sections 2017

03-01-2017, 11:42

Currently comprises about 60 members with average match attendance around 30. Membership is £5 per annum the bulk of which goes towards prizes for the Christmas match.

Entry to individual matches (except ‘Open’ matches) is free and pools of £5 (paying the first 3 overall and first 2 in each section) plus £4.50 (paying the first 3 overall) plus 50p ‘secret weight’, are all optional.

The 'secret weight’ is different on each match and is won by any member equating that weight. As soon as the pool reaches £50 then £30 is automatically won by the nearest to the weight and £20 is transferred to the ‘exact’ weight pool.

Usually around 18 Club matches are held each season of which 15 (best 12 to count) go towards the points, club championship. Alongside there is also season long Pairs, Total weight and Knock-out competitions; Most matches carry a trophy and the major all season events carry RDAA permit prizes.

Most of RDAA venues are used for matches throughout the season.

We also run 3 ‘Open’ matches per season, The Hightown Open, Dorset Open (Stour) and the Throop Open as well as a summer evening series run over 8 matches.

Success of the competition section is due to the no-clique atmosphere and diverse age group (14-72) – it’s serious but fun as well.


Any queries, new member interest or for even more info contact the Match Secretary: Nigel Groom : By Email

NEW MATCH RULES: Following the June match AGM, the following rules were adopted with immediate effect:

Minnows do NOT count for weighing.

Members wishing to fish competitions must not fish the match venue within 72 hours prior.

B&S pairs competition will run as before excepting that members will not pick their own pairings; these will be ‘drawn for’ from those entered, at the Christmas match, then results backdated accordingly.(i.e. up till the Christmas match anglers will not know who they are paired with for the season).

Entry for the season - £5.

FORTHCOMING 2017 CLUB MATCHES (Members MUST book in for these matches)