Club Boat

19-05-2014, 07:38

The club boat is available for hire on:

Wednesdays - Waterloo Pool

Thursdays - Garden Pool

All other days the boat may be used for fishing in Christchurch Harbour

Cost: £10 per person per day (For safety reasons a minimum of 2 anglers per boat at all times)

Boat hire is only available to RDAA members

Book in and collect ticket from Davis Tackle in the normal way.

Booking in can be done in advance but only one active pre-booking per member.

Arrange collection of both Boat Compound and Boat keys Your RDAA permit will be held as security for use of the boat.

All of above MUST be returned to Royalty boathouse by SUNSET at the latest and in good condition.

Park in public car-parks either in Council Offices or Stoney Lane.

Collect boat from mooring by council offices.

Waders may be required at access garden pool at low tides.

Any requirement for life jackets will be members own responsibility, along with fuel for the motor.

No juniors unless accompanied by an Adult member.

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